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Product Spotlight: Why Kids Love Peppy Pups!

Aug 04, 2017

Which child doesn’t want a puppy? Fortunately, parents don’t have to get the real thing, because the Peppy Pups are even better. From a grown-up perspective, they are much cheaper and easier to take care of than a real dog. And while children won’t be deceived that this toy is a real dog, they’ll love it just the same. After all, what’s not to love about this puppy? It’s cute and cuddly, you can take it for a walk, and it doesn’t even require batteries. 

They’re Cuddly

Stuffed animals have always been popular with children. It doesn’t matter how many of them your child has, they’ll always want another one. Peppy Pups are cuddly just like other stuffed animals. They’re also adorable with their huge puppy eyes and little tongue sticking out. Peppy Puts even come with a bell on their collar, making children feel like real dog owners.

The dog itself is soft from head to tail, which makes it a great companion for nighttime cuddles. This puppy is approved for ages 2 and up, so you can let your child snuggle up with it without having to worry. It probably won’t take long for your child to give it a name, too.

You Can Take Them for a Walk

What makes Peppy Pups better than any other stuffed animal is that they encourage your child to be active. These dogs need to be taken for a walk. That’s why they come with a leash. The feet of the Peppy Pups are made of durable plastic, which is easy to clean. This makes this puppy an ideal toy for indoor and outdoor play.

As your child walks up and down the hallway or sidewalk, the puppy bounces along with them. When your child starts running, the dog picks up the pace, too. Be prepared to hear a lot of laughter and giggling, because the puppy’s bouncing actions are simply adorable. The faster the puppy moves, the wigglier it gets. It’s every bit as active as a real puppy.

They Don’t Require Batteries

If there’s one thing that parents dislike about new toys it’s the fact that almost all of them require batteries, and these usually don’t even come with the toy. What’s so annoying about batteries? First, they tend to fail when it’s most inconvenient to replace them (it’s bedtime or you’re out of batteries). Second, batteries can be expensive, especially the little round ones. Finally, batteries can present a safety hazard, for example, when young children decide to take their favorite toys into the bathtub with them.

Peppy Pups are great, because they don’t require any batteries. Yet, they keep children entertained for hours with their real-life wiggly movements. Other stuffed animals won’t hold your child’s attention span for the same amount of time, because kids only want to cuddle for so long.

They’re Fun for Kids of All Ages

2-year-olds will love the puppy, but Peppy Pups appeal to older kids as well. Any child who has been asking their parents for a puppy is a good candidate for a Peppy Pup. These cute puppies help children understand two of the most basic requirements real dogs have: wanting to be loved and wanting to run around and play. But kids don’t have to fight over these puppies. They’re reasonably priced, so every child can have one. 

They Encourage Imaginative Play

Most kids have a better imagination than adults. They love pretend play, where they often imitate the real world. Owning a puppy is one of the things that almost every child dreams of. The Peppy Pup may not be a real dog, but you wouldn’t know the difference if you watched your kids play with it. They will name it, pet it, feed it, take it for a walk, and hug it affectionately. The puppy may even visit the vet occasionally. Your child will also ensure that the puppy socializes with other puppies in their room, but the puppy may also make unlikely friends with other stuffed animals your child has.

How to Promote Peppy Pups

As a store owner, you already know that stuffed animals are one of the easiest things to sell. People, adults and children alike, just can’t get enough of them. Peppy Pups fill an important niche, because they’re not just regular stuffed animals. They encourage active play, and most importantly, they don’t require batteries. This toy belongs in your selection!