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Why Nanables are Such a Big Hit With Kids in 2021

Apr 24, 2021

You may have noticed Nanables tiny playsets popping up all over town in local retail stores as well as being showcased online. But, what makes these toys such a hot seller in 2021? Is there something magical about these playsets and characters? In a word, yes!

What are Nanables?
Nanables are the adorable inhabitants of a colorful world of glitter, sweets, and stress-free spa days. In this land, mistakes are part of the fun and wholesome adventures are limitless! Catch the latest Nanables webisode on YouTube! or use your imagination to develop storylines, characters, and scenes that take creativity in a positive, uplifting, and encouraging direction.

Why are These Miniature Cuties Magical?
In addition to an upbeat vibe in all of the webisodes that has a large fanbase, there is an interactive component to each of the Nanables playsets when you download the free app. All it takes to make the Nanables magical world become your world that you design from your own imagination is a quick scan of the included house. Once connected, you can design your Nanatar character, explore the Nanables world, and peek inside your scanned house to create a unique story all your own! 

Introducing the Top Nanables Houses
When you are ready to purchase a Nanables playset, you can expect each to contain one house, two characters, a minimum of two hangout spots to visit online, and a collector’s checklist. There are several houses available for purchase. Here are some top-sellers:

  • Dusted Donut Diner - Gammy Glaze and chef Coco Ganache make this diner the sweetest morning hot spot in town! They know how to serve up crowd-pleasing fresh pastries that are the highlight of the morning commute in Sweetness Town. The only question is will your Nanatar dine-in or take it to go? 

  • Milk & Cookie Mill - Speaking of irresistible sweet treats, Ginger B. and Cinnamon show the Nanables how baking can become an exciting adventure. You’ll find them baking delicious cookies all day long at the Milk & Cookie Mill. The recipes come from Ginger B.’s family as she is a third-generation baker! Then, they’ll show fans how to take service to the next level as they deliver these warm and flavorful goodies to all their neighbors and friends’ front porches! 

  • Lolli-Pop Stars Dance Studio - Do you dream of becoming a world-class dancer? Foxy Trott and Lindy Hopp will know just how to turn your moves into a choreographed routine that will win over your audience at the monthly recital. Did we mention your tutu is made out of sugar? This is one sweet studio hangout you will want to visit again and again!

  • Make It Rain-bow Arcade - Remember in the 80’s when the local arcade was everyone’s favorite hangout? Arcades in the world of Nanables are back and better than ever! The owner of the Make It Rain-bow Arcade turns every game into a fun challenge for visitors of all ages by cheering on each of the Nanables with encouraging words. When it’s time to go home, characters can exchange glittery tickets for a trinket at the gift shop as a memento of a magical day with friends.

  • Sparkle Day Spa - In the mood for a new look? A luxurious trip to the local day spa adds a glamorous twist before turning in for the night. Let Suzy Sparkle and Cyan treat you to a relaxing makeover while you reminisce about all your fun adventures. 

  • Twinkle Twinkle Inn - When it’s time for bed, everyone knows the Twinkle Twinkle Inn is the premier place to stay the night. This is because it is run by Luna Raye and her magical fairy friends who take the ordinary and turn it into extraordinary! Join the Nanables as they discover all the wonderfully calming surprises that await at this popular inn.

Where can Nanables be Found?

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