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Why Retailers Should Pre-Order Space Jam Figurines

May 15, 2021

Space Jam 2, also known as Space Jam: A New Legacy, is on its way to the theaters this July and we’ve got the figurines you’ll want to pre-order for your retail store now! Toy sales often follow media trends, and this is one movie you will want to prepare for ahead of time. Here’s why!

Why Space Jam Brings Back Fond Memories 
Feeling a bit nostalgic when you hear about Space Jam? That might be because the original movie was Warner Bros.’ first feature film that opened in 1996. Who could resist a chance to see beloved Looney Tunes characters like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Porky Pig combined with professional basketball players like Michael Jordan? It was the perfect balance of animation where characters can be drawn to perform literally any stunt perfectly or horribly wrong for slapstick humor elements and real-life legends and role models for relatability. Plus, Michael Jordan was every kid’s sport-industry hero!

The Secret to Space Jam's Popularity With Families
Cut to 2021, and you will see that same hilarious combination in family-friendly entertainment featuring the basketball heroes of today’s youth coupled with comic relief supplied by animated characters in Space Jam 2! What will make it a success is there is something for everyone in this film. Sports fans are greatly anticipating seeing their favorite basketball players in action. Parents will reminisce about their Looney Tunes-watching days on Saturday morning during their childhood. Young children will laugh at the silly antics of the animated characters. 

Then, there are the grandparents who will be thrilled to be able to watch something with their children and grandchildren other than full-animation cartoons. It doesn’t get any better than extreme athletic feats mixed with daring cartoon plots. The three generations can even choose to watch it on HBO Max in the comfort of their homes or on the big screen in theaters!

Movie Release Information 
By now, you are probably wondering who will star in this latest production and when it will be available for viewing to your customers so you can plan your toy inventory ordering. We’ve got great news for retailers everywhere! None other than Le Bron James is in the leading role! You know what that means. Basketball enthusiasts of all ages will be looking for collectible LeBron figurines as soon as this movie comes out on July 16th. Plus, there are reported cameos from players like Klay Thompson, Anthony Davis, Diana Taurasi and Nneka Ogwumike to add to the excitement and promote sales. 

What can You Pre-Order Now
You can begin stocking up on your supply of Space Jam toys and collectibles now! Pre-order your LeBron James figurines of varying sizes ranging from 12-inches to 2-inches in height. The 12-inch character comes with articulating arms and legs, 4 cool accessories that attach to his body., and 8 sounds and phrases from the movie! Then, let your customers build a Tunes Squad of their own by collecting 4-inch or 2-inch Looney Tunes and LeBron James characters that come with their own basketball base to display them or line them up for action.  Fans looking for more Space Jam fun can have a blast with our 5-inch characters that come with a movie-inspired accessory with each purchase to power up their moves on the space court!

But, there’s more! LeBron James and Bugs Bunny continue to battle for points in the Space Jam Game Time Playset with an adjustable hoop, two basketballs, and two launchers for that winning shot. For your Goo Jit Zu collectors or sensory toy section, we’re also introducing Bugs, Lebron, and Lebron Powerup characters that can stretch up to three times their size! Finally, when it’s time for rest or when your customers are in need of a friend, our 8-inch plush toys will be the right size and softness for a good snuggle at home or on the go over the summer. 

Where to Place Your Order
With the movie coming out in July, there is no time to wait! Place your pre-order today for all the Looney Tunes and LeBron James figurines and plush toys as well as the Space Jam Game Time Playset today at License 2 Play. Not registered with us yet? No problem! Simply complete our online registration form and send us a copy of your Sale Tax Resale Certificate. It’s that easy to get started! Don’t let your competition take your sales. You could become the “Go-To” store for Space Jam 2 collectibles by ordering your character sets from License 2 Play!