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5 Ways DIY Friendship Bracelets Help Build Confidence

Aug 16, 2021

Children have been making impressively woven or knotted friendship bracelets for centuries. Although the materials, colors, and techniques vary, the bands have something in common. They help build both self-esteem and confidence for the creator.

Colorful Gifts That Brighten Anyone's Day 
Everyone’s mood lifts when receiving a gift, especially one from a child. Gifts are emotionally moving in that way, and children learn this fact quickly in life yet they lack the means to purchase a gift. A DIY friendship bracelet kit is perfect for such moments as each comes with everything the child needs to build the gift recipient’s favorite colors and patterns into a beautiful band to be cherished. When the recipient expresses gratitude for the effort and marvels at the color choice or design, the child’s confidence is lifted. After all, that friendship bracelet made someone who may have been having a hard day smile. That’s a powerful skill!

Hand-Crafted Gifts are More Appreciated
We’ve all heard moms say the best gifts from their children are handmade and the more imperfections the better. The sentimental value of a gift made with love and offered to a friend, parent, grandparent, sibling, or other loved one from a child at any age is priceless. Such a gift that is treasured so deeply builds the crafter’s confidence in his or her skills as a novice or accomplished artisan. This is particularly the case when the recipient wears the bracelet. Imagine the satisfaction that comes from seeing someone love a gift and the crafter’s talent so much it is worthy of wearing around the home or, even better, out in public!

Handmade Gifts that are Long-Lasting
Friendship bracelets will last for decades, which allows friends and families to craft and share a physical reminder of their love and appreciation for each other that are less likely to wilt, fade, pop, or break over time. Such a gift is like a warm hug each time the recipient wears it or sees it in the jewelry box. Therefore, since DIY friendship bracelets are personally crafted for that individual, they will continue to provide this warm and loving sentimental attachment throughout many years. Each time the crafter sees his or her creation being worn or valued in the recipient’s keepsakes, he or she is reminded of the wonderful ability to design and make such a treasured gift.

Complex Designs Take Higher Levels of Skill
A simple pattern for a DIY friendship bracelet is a great place to start for younger children. As they age and develop their skills, DIY friendship bracelets can turn into a confidence-boosting challenge to develop more intricate designs that are true pieces of wearable art while incorporating beads and other beauty-enhancing items. Unlike school assignments that are typically handed in and forgotten, these creations will serve as steady reminders of what that individual is capable of accomplishing with a little added time, creative thought, and effort. It’s a perfect craft idea for friendly team competitions or individual time-fillers during no-screen hours.

Valued By Others for a Budding Retail Business
DIY friendship bracelets also have another way to build self-esteem and confidence outside of giving them as gifts. As the child practices and expands his or her selection of bracelets with varied knots and patterns, this skill of making handmade bands can become a profitable one. Exploring new ways to create an old favorite is a challenge that builds the child's self-esteem and confidence in his or her abilities, especially when the product is purchased by consumers through an e-commerce business or while walking by a friendship bracelet vendor booth at a local fair.

Order Everything Needed for a Friendship Bracelet Masterpiece in One Box
The most tricky part about getting started with DIY friendship bracelets is collecting the right materials, tools, and instructions. At License 2 Play, we encourage children, friends, and families to stretch their imagination, reach for new levels of creativity, and build their relationships with others through our wide array of easy DIY crafting kits that contain everything one needs to produce expert designs, like our wholesale DIY Blingle Bands Deluxe Studio that makes creating friendship bracelets as easy as 1…2…3! With Blingle Bands, crafters simply dip their Blingle pen into the colorful wax, dot the shaped wax into the bracelet mold, and add the included iridescent gem of choice. Voilà! A friendship bracelet masterpiece is ready to brighten someone’s day. Order your wholesale DIY friendship bracelet kits along with other equally popular DIY kits and toys from License 2 Play today!