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8 Toy Trends in 2021 Every Retailer Should Know

Dec 17, 2020

Find out which toys will be the highlight of 2021 based on these five industry trends. Plus, each category contains some of the hottest-selling product suggestions to make building your inventory easy and fun! Which will be your favorites to watch fly off the shelves? 

1) Making Germ-Prevention Fun!
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the top trend on our list revolves are the premise that staying clean does not have to be such a chore. Products like Antibacterial Slime that uses antibacterial sticky power to remove dirt and germs off hands and Fanatic Foam that cleans while kids play in the foam are a definite must-have for any store! Parents and teachers alike with thank you.

2) Cartoon Playsets and Games
Play items based on the top-watched cartoons on cable channels, apps, and YouTube is a trend that should be closely monitored throughout each year to stay current. However, it can sometimes be hard to know the fan favorites. The great news is License 2 Play stays up-to-date on all the latest industry research for you! We do everything possible to ensure you can browse our easy-to-navigate website with the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing you are purchasing fast-selling items that are on everyone's wishlist. Examples of hit cartoons consumers cannot get enough of are: Peppa PigBluey,Blippi, Heroes of Goo Jit Zu, Pokémon, SpacePOP, and Cats vs. Pickles. Also, did you know Cats vs. Pickles is the #1 specialty seller and the most wished-for item on Amazon? Place your order for all the best cartoon character replicas, games, and playsets at License 2 Play today!

3) Movie Character Replicas
Much like cartoons, movies play a big role in consumer buying habits as well. Of course, movies that bring multiple generations together like the Harry Potter series and the most recent Scooby-Doo series releases along with the original films often generate more consistent sales than solo flicks or those that resonate with one specific age-range.

4) Popular Video Game Toys
Another form of media that has kids, tweens, and adults searching feverishly for collectibles and related imaginative play items is video gaming. Since video games are dynamic and interactive, some of the most widely played like Fortnite and Roblox capture the attention of millions of consumers all over the world! In fact, Roblox boasts 150 million monthly players and Fortnite has an astounding 350 million and climbing active users!

5) Activities That Keep Kids Independently Busy at Home 
Too much time at home during the pandemic can be hard on working parents. That's why interactive toys like Charm Stone, Foam Alive, I Dig MonstersJigpix, Lots a Loops,Pogo Bal, and Really R.A.D. Robots have serious selling-power! For your e-commerce site and store videos, try making a promo to introduce each one to your shoppers using our Studio Creator video maker kit.

6) Family Connection Activities 
In addition to toys and activities to occupy the kids while they are working, parents are also looking for new ways to make family time memorable. Where families used to get together with friends and relatives or travel to distant locations to explore, they are staying home more this year. Therefore, we suggest stocking a wide range of toys and activities that can engage the whole family. Here are some of our most-requested items for this category: D-Dart, RBSFlexoFurpinator, Swirl & Style tie-dye activity kit, Jelly Rez Style Mi Jewelry packs, Pongbot, Style 4 Ever, What’s in the Box, X-Cube, and Slime'licious DIY activity kits.

7) Backpack Fillers
With those students and preschoolers who are returning to class, backpack essentials like iFLYSmart travel kits and Antibacterial Slime will make excellent impulse buys and endcap display items! Also, kids both at home and at school will love the tiny accessories like a mini tape dispenser or candy markers found in their Real Littles backpacks. Finally, since hard surfaces are easier to sanitize, school-aged kids will get a kick out of the World’s Coolest clips-on items that really work!

8) Sensory & ASMR Activities
Last, but certainly not least, we recommend setting out some ASMR and sensory toys and activity DIY kits. These items should incorporate different textures, sounds, and smells. Check out these crazy-popular selections for ideas: So Sand, So Bomb, So Slime, FloopsSqueakee MinisSqueezamals, and MushMeez.

As you can see, 2021 will be another fabulous year to be in the play industry! Building your inventory around toys, games, and DIY kits that fit into the above categories can help you make the most of the boost in toy, game, and activity requests. To find the absolute best wholesale play products on the market, simply register with License 2 Play by completing our online form and emailing a copy of your Sale Tax Resale Certificate to Have fun shopping!