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Toy Fair New York is Coming in February of 2022!

Jan 15, 2021

We know you have missed the Toy Fair in New York as much as we have! Thankfully, there is an in-person event scheduled for February of 2022. In the meantime, Toy Fair has been working hard to bring all the fair has to offer buyers and sellers alike online! Get all the details here.

The 2022 Low Down  
It's official! Toy Fair New York has scheduled it's world-renowned in-person event for the week of February 19th, 2022. What this means to participants and exhibitors is we have just barely over a year to set up our travel reservations based on the Toy Fair's website and plan out strategies. Since space is likely to be limited at hotels and restaurants, not to mention airports and the Toy Fair event itself, now is the perfect time to start making those long-awaited travel arrangements!

What is Toy Fair New York??
Simply put, Toy Fair New York is the biggest event of the year for businesses in the play industry. It's a place where we get to come together to learn, educate, buy at amazing wholesale prices, sell to new buyers who come from all over the world with the intent to re-stock their inventory with the hottest and most consistently-selling products, and reveal new innovative products before they hit the market! 

It's an Unbelievable Networking Opportunity!
Are you just beginning an e-commerce store? Unlike brick-and-mortar locations, an online store can be more of a struggle to attract consumers with so much competition online and no one walking by to see your open sign in the window, window display to showcase your inventory, or attention-grabbing banner on the roadside. That said, at Toy Fair New York, you can meet the most helpful and experienced play industry contacts who have keen insights into what is working for them or their clients to give your sales a boost. Also, these connections can often offer special pricing to further assist your purchasing power.

It's a Place to Discover
Another reason to plan to attend the 2022 Toy Fair New York is the leading event to get in front of the year's trends and learn first-hand about the products consumers love. From hands-on demos and educational exhibits to the TOTY finalists and winners, it's all there   in the same location during one fantastic and energizing week. In other words, if you are not at this once-a-year event, you are missing out!

Why We're Talking About it Now
This is not an event to take lightly or a trip to plan at the last minute. With not having an in-person event for Toy Fair 2020 or 2021, the 2022 registration is going to fill up fast! At this point, it is difficult to guess what the limit for attendees and exhibitors will be. However, one thing is for sure, it's time to make your insured plane and nearby hotel reservations. Normally, we would say you may be able to wait for a few months. But, these are not "normal" times for traveling as many locations will likely continue to have strict occupancy guidelines in place. After securing a place to stay and transportation arrangements, join us in watching the Toy Fair's website for their early registration opportunities before all the spots are filled!

How can I Experience Toy Fair NY in 2021?
Of course, the Toy Association brought us an incredible online solution in 2020 that every retailer should be excited about and actively engaging in while waiting for the in-person event. If you have not yet signed up for Toy Fair Anywhere, you should definitely check it out. Toy Fair Anywhere is a B2B digital social marketplace where you can introduce yourself to buyers and sellers while browsing through all your favorite wholesale e-commerce products! While this virtual option may not completely compare with the full benefits of an in-person event, it certainly comes to the real thing as possible with features like a 24/7 showroom, unlimited product displays or brands, buyer matching based on interest, and product demo scheduling. Plus, you can have it all at your fingertips each day of the year for a flat rate of under $500 per month with no commission charges!

Therefore, whether you are just getting started in the toy industry or you are seasoned toy product pro, two of the fastest ways to grow your business are to attend Toy Fair New York in 2022 and join Toy Fair Anywhere now! We look forward to meeting you both online and in New York, which will be here before we know it. Browse our easy-to-navigate website to let us know which top-selling product you would like us to showcase and schedule a demo for that product with us today!